Life in Rose Farm & Garden is the largest cut Rose Farm in the South! Our 27 acre farm is located at 24272 Grand Pines Dr. in Magnolia, Texas. Life in Rose currently has 6000+ roses and more than 40 varieties growing on our farm today. We originally selected and continue to add garden variety roses that meet our standards of beauty and fragrance. But just as important, we also meticulously select varieties that meet our standards for health, vigor, productivity, and tolerance of our Southern climate. Customers can see in person how well each variety performs right here on our farm in Magnolia, Texas!

At this time we are NOT open to the public but we do offer farm events (admissions ticket required), venue rental (private events & photography), bareroot rose sales (Sept thru Nov), and soon to come - potted plant sales.

Our story is a memorable journey born out of struggles. As a way to cope with our adversities, we shifted our energy toward the creative outlets - ones that kept our bodies busy and our minds focused on faith, growth, and creating something out of nothing. 

It started with DIYs and designs, from fashion to interior, to home renovations and flips…with every single endeavor, we dove right in - head first! With no experience and no formal training, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. And our garden rose farming venture is no exception! 

Covid hit and we embarked on this journey. While the rest of the world sat still - in quarantine, we were on the move! Literally. 

We completed renovation on our 5th home, put it up on the market, which sold a week later and we were out of there within a month and into the woods shortly after! We put a pause on our annual house flips, left the city life along with all its amenities, conveniences and comfort for lots of bugs and some wildlife but more space to create.

We had an urge to do more, to be more, and to lead a life with more purpose and fulfillment. It was time to put down roots. 

Because we love them - obsessed with their timeless elegance, exquisite beauty and heavenly fragrance. But these aren’t just any roses - they’re garden roses and many of them are English, French and German bred that have an old world vintage charm to them.

Most shockingly, they’re not offered anywhere in the Southwest region of the US! We knew this was our opportunity to make a difference in our community - to bring joy and beauty to a climate that would make it that much more challenging but also rewarding!

With that, we dove right in and planted 2000 rose shrubs right off the bat and have increased to 6000 at the start of this year. 

Hi! We’re Shaw and Theresa and together with our 2 little girls and 3 Great Pyrenees...we’ve created Life In Rose Farm. We’re thrilled you found us and excited to have you with us on this growing journey! 

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